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Griffeen Valley Educate Together National School opened its doors in 2002 and welcomed the children of the Lucan Community. Since then we have grown to over 500 children and we are still growing.... 


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To find out more about what is happening in classes throughout the school click here...


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To find out more about what is happening in classes throughout the school click here...

After School Activites

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Text Alerts

Our school has a text alert system for communicating important information to parents and students. If you would like to receive text alerts please contact the school reception.


Book Savings Scheme

For more information on the book savings scheme click here.

Book Rental Scheme

For more information on the book rental scheme click here.

If you would like to contact the Book Squad please email us  and we will be happy to help you.

Building Works

Fire Safety Audit

For further information on the Fire Safety Audit please click here...


Dear Parents/ Guardians

To help guide you through the information coming from the Department of Education in relation the WBS Building issues, we have complied a list of communications. Please CLICK HERE to access this information and see all updates communicated to parents.


We ask that all parents familiarised themselves with the school COVID-19 Information.


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School Books 2020/21 -  All information in relation to purchase of workbooks and stationery


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Latest News

Winter Break

Please see below an end of year letter from the Minister for education.

STEM Award

Thanks to a tonne of work by teachers our DPSM entry was sent off and we received an award again this year. It's a fantastic achievment this year. Please click below to see the submission.


Please click below to see the photos and opening of the new yard area. This area extends to our Basketball courts and allows for plenty of space for our outdoor breaks.


  • IMG-20200915-WA0000.jpg
  • IMG-20200915-WA0011.jpg
  • IMG-20200915-WA0001.jpg
  • IMG-20200915-WA0012.jpg

School Calendar

PTA Corner

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Coffee Morning


Clothing Collection


PTA Meeting


If you would like to contact the PTA Committee please click HERE

National Parents Council 

NPC Free Parent Sessions

- Let’s talk about connecting with your child  - 7th October

- Let’s talk about helping anxious children  - 14th October

- Let’s talk about your child’s online life  - 21st October

- Let’s talk about building your child’s social savvy - 28th October


Apply Here 



NPC Newsletter

22nd June - Schools Out! 

15th June - The Weeks's Newsletter

8th June  - So whats new this week?

2nd June  - The Start of a new week

25th May - So What is happening This week?

18th May - A New Week




PTA Activities

Activities supported or organised by the PTA in 2019/2020

Clean Up - Part 1

The PTA organised for the front boundary walls to be cleaned and painted. All our faded signage was also replaced.

  • IMG-20191102-WA0000.jpg
  • 20191002_125926.jpg
  • IMG-20191102-WA0001.jpg
  • IMG-20191102-WA0003.jpg
  • IMG-20191102-WA0004.jpg
  • IMG-20191102-WA0005.jpg
  • 20191002_125917.jpg

Our New Blog

Dear Parents & Guardians, we understand that you have been overwhelmed with information in recent weeks and in an effort to help you access this information we have created a blog section. Parents can access information by topic or most recent post. Please click on one of our most recent posts below to see more.