Griffeen Valley Educate Together National School

Board of Management

Why do we need a Board of Management?

Under the Education Act 1998, every school must have a Board of Management. This board has a responsibility to run the school according to the ethos determined by Educate Together, in keeping with the act and any regulations set by the Department of Education and Skills.

For more information on School Boards of Management and their responsibilities please visit The Department of Education website at

Who is the Board of Management?

Below is a list of the members of the board of Management and their roles


1.     Gráinne Mc Cormack - Chairperson


2.     Andrea Burke-Khan - Acting Principal


3.     Denise Aherne - Teacher nominee


4.     Lisa Donnelly - Parent Nominee


5.     Daniel Rodriguez - Parent nominee


6.     Michelle Stafford - Community Nominee & Treasurer


7.     Diarmuid kennedy - Community Nominee


8.     Donie Wiley - Educate Together Nominee