Griffeen Valley Educate Together National School

Griffeen Valley Educate Together National School

The Book Squad

What is the Book Squad?

Is a teacher lead team which is over seen by the school Board of Management.

The team is lead by Andrea Burke-Khan and supported by three parents Amanda Cullinane, Ashling Kelleher & Sharon Conway.

The Book Squad operates the Book Savings Scheme  & the Book Rental Scheme.​​​​​​​

How do I contact the Book Squad?

If you would like to contact the Book Squad by email please contact us at




Attend and of our collection morings, parents wil receive a text with dates and times.

What is the Book Rental Scheme?

The book rental scheme is a teach lead  sercivce wich is over seen by th eboard of managemnt and supported by parent volunteers. The Book Rental scheme is an optional service which the school operates in order to organise the bulk purchasing of school books and classroom supplies at a substantial discount and arranges for these to be sold to parents at the reduced rate. The book rental scheme is operated as per the department of education and skills financial services uint requirements. 

What is included in the Book Rental Scheme?

Depending on which class your child is attending, if you choose to avail of the Book Rental Scheme your child will be supplied with all single use workbooks, textbooks, protective mesh bags, classroom supplies such as pencils, crayons, all copybooks, sharpeners, erasers, rulers etc. As your child progresses through the school the classroom supplies increase to include items such as folders, scrapbooks, homework journals, calculators, maths sets, reference books such as atlases, dictionaries and tables books. Every child is supplied with a mesh bag to store their rental books in to protect them from spillages and food stains. These mesh bags are reused under the rental scheme and are to be returned to the school at the end of the year. 

How do I sign up to the the Book Rental Scheme?

During the year your child will recieve the booksquad booklet. In order for the Book Squad to know how many books and classroom supplies to order every parent who wishes to use the book rental scheme must OPT- IN. You will be supplied with an OPT-IN form as part of the booklet. This form must be signed and returned to your child's teacher by the date indicated. If you have more than one child you will need to return one form per child. These forms are colour coded depending on the year and are easily identifiable. 


For the year September 2018- June 2019

Junior Infats will receive a Pink form.

Senior Infants will receive a Lilac form.

1st Class will receive a Blue form.

2nd Class will receive a Yellow form.

3rd Class will receive a Red form.

4th Class will receive a Orange form.

5th Class will receive a Green form.


Closing date for return of these forms for the year starting September 2019 has now passd.

What is the Book Savings Scheme?

the Book Savings Scheme is complementary to the Book Rental scheme.


This scheme allows parents who are opting-in to the book rental scheme spread the cost over the year. Thsi enable parents to save towards the cost of next years school books. Families with a number of children find this scheme particularly useful.


This scheme is over seen by the school board of management and is operated as per the department of education and skills financial services uint requirements. 


The Book Savings Scheme has its own bank account which is separate to the main school account and transfers money to the Book Rental Scheme only once books have been ordered. 

How do I saving into the Book Savings Scheme?

Parents can pay any amount of money into the savings scheme. Cash collections usually happen during the first week of the month - you will receive a text message from the school when these are happening. The amount you pay is recorded in a membership book, which you keep. Unfortunatly we can not accept cheques or Visa Card. Parents can however pay onto the bank account by bank transfer.


During the first weeks of the new school year Junior Infant Parents who have optied in as part of their registration will receive an email with their Book Squad membership number and details of hoe to transfer money. This scheme is completly optional.


If parents have not paid enough money to cover the cost of books in June they can simply pay the balance on any of the book payment days. Thise book payment days usually take place during the month of June, prior to the new school year commencing. If you have overpaid into the savings scheme for your books you will receive a refund of any balance on your savings card.

How do I join the Book Savings Scheme?

Once you Opt-in to the rental scheme for the first time you will automaticly receive a membership number. This number remains your family number until your youngest child leaves the school regardless of wether you save any money or not.