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Covid19 Advice for Parents

We've gathered together the information which has been sent to schools from The Chief Medical Officeer (CMO), The Health Service Executive (HSE), The National Educational Pscyhological Service (NEPS) and other state and management bodies. It can be hard to keep track of the useful and well intentioned information and guidance that is being issued to schools and parents so we hope you will find this padlet useful. We will update it regualrly. Parents and Guardians will also have received this information via the Aladdin App messages. Hopefully, having all the information in one place will prove useful to you. 

Important School Documents for Parents 

Helpful Videos for Parents 

Hand Hygiene

Children's Questions Answered

Dr Ronan Glynn 

Children's Questions Answered

Minister Harris

Other Information for Parents 

HSE Information

Link to latest updates and advice from the HSE

National Education Psychological Services (NEPS)

Links to latest updates and advice from NEPS

NEPS Wellbeing Resources for Covid19