Griffeen Valley Educate Together National School

Griffeen Valley Educate Together National School

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With the expansion of our school in 2015 we were finally able to set aside a space to build a library collection for our students to use. Complete with library cards for every student it is run by teachers and parent volunteers. If you would like to get involved plese contact the school reception.

Book Donations --- We greatly welcome donations of books which are in good condition for children aged 4-12yrs. So if you are doing a clearout, keep us in mind!

Book Covers --- To help the books survive longer we cover them all before use. If you have any left over covers or would like to make a donation to cover the cost of buying the covers please contact the school reception.

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Catch up on what has been going on in our school library

Spooky Tales

October 2017

This week we had Holloween storytelling in the School Library for Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st Class.

Annual Scholastic Book Fair

October 2017

Our annual Scholastic School Book Fair took place on 10th-12th October and as usualy was an amazing sucess.

The Big Red Dog, Clifford visited our junior classes and the Book Fair! These are just some of our photos.

Our design a book cover winners!

Big thank you to our team of volunteers without whom the fair would not have been possible.

Thanks to the success of the book fair we were able to add these great books to our library collection