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What is the PTA?

The Griffeen Valley Educate together PTA is a group of volunteer parents and staff wo work together to further enrich our children's Educational Experience through activities, events and fundraisers.  


The Griffeen Valley Educate together PTA helps contribute to the vibrant learning community by filling in where school budgets cannot.


The Griffeen Valley Educate together National School needs our help in many ways. You can help in any capacity you want and dont have to be a committee member to participate.

What does the PTA do?

The PTA organises various activities and fundraising events during the school year

 - Clothing collections 

 - Notice board

 - Coffee morning

 - New parents evening

 - Winter raffle

 - Sponsored walk 

 - Calendar and year book photos

 - Healthy eating week platters

 - Quiz nite

 - The PTA Volunteer for organisation of school led activities e.g. School Insurance Scheme, School Book Rental Scheme & Food fair.


Reasons to volunteer!


What are our goals and achievements?

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of the GVET PTA, we were able to invest in important school enhancements such as:


- Garden Planters

- Buddy Benches

- Sensory Room Equipment

- School Team Sports Kits



We were also able to support Teacher Led classroom activities such as:

- Classroom Stick Insects

- Healthy Eating Week

- Winter Fair



Lending our time to School Led activities meant that the school could offer services such as:

- School Insurance Scheme

- Food Dudes Programme

- Food Fair

- School Book rental Scheme

- School Book Savings Scheme

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PTA Fundraising Total 2017-2018
€0 €10,851
PTA Fundraising 2016-2017
€0 €5,364

Who are the PTA?

The GVET PTA is run by a committe which is overseen by the School Principal and reports to the Board of Management.

Click here to view the PTA constitution.

The current committee members are:

Chairperson - Claire Kelly

Assistant Chairperson - Liz Jackson

Secretary - Ashling Kelleher

Treasurer - Amanda Cullinane

Committee Member - Sharon Conway

Committee Member - James Donnelly

Committee Member - Sandra

Committee Member - Tunde

Committee Member - Elaine Kinsella

Committee Member - Niamh Reilly

The School Staff is represented at meetings by:

Teacher Nominee - John Paul

SNA Nominee - Jackie

The Board of Management is represented at meetings by:

BOM Parent Nominee - Lisa Donnolly

BOM Parent Nominee - Daniel