Griffeen Valley Educate Together National School

PTA Documents

The Griffeen Valley Educate Together National School PTA is a group of volunteer parents and staff who work together to further enrich our children's educational experience through activities, events and fundraisers.  


The GVET PTA helps contribute to the vibrant learning community by filling in where school budgets cannot.


The Griffeen Valley Educate Together National School needs our help in many ways. You can help in any capacity you want and dont have to be a committee member to participate.


PTA Agendas/Minutes

(Minutes of PTA Meetings are available at the school office)

School Year 2019-2020

  • 04/12/2019 - PTA Parent induction and treasurer handover

National Parents Council

The GVET PTA is a registered member of the National Parents Council. 

The National Parents Council Primary (NPC) is the only representative organisation for parents of children in primary or early education. NPC supports parents to support their children throughout their early and primary school years. NPC strongly believes that children should also have their say in issues that affect their educational lives. 

Find more information by visiting

National Parents Council, Parents Conference

Saturday 8th of June.