Griffeen Valley Educate Together National School

Griffeen Valley Educate Together National School


In December 2001 a group of parents got together to discuss the fact that there were no places for their children in the Lucan Educate Together School (LETS). Following on from that meeting this group decided to set up a second Educate Together School in the Lucan area and in September 2002 Griffeen Valley Educate Together opened its door to 24 pupils and 2 teachers, in the Scout Den in Lucan Village

It quickly became obvious that we were going to need better and more permanent accommodation for our school.

The Board of Management identified the site at Griffeen Glen Boulevard and with the help of many parents we put pressure on the Dept of Education to provide us with this site and build a school for us.

Whilst still campaigning for our own premises we had out grown the Scout Den and LETS very kindly offered us the use of their prefabs for the 2003-04 academic year.

The year we spent in the pre-fabs at LETS was a very happy one – we had expanded to 5 classes and now our staff numbered 11.

Although the pre-fabs were a happy place we knew that we would require our own permanent building very soon to cope with the number of children looking for places in our school.

In March 2004 we held a ground breaking ceremony at our current school site. It was a fantastic event and representatives from each class took part as well as many of the parents involved in setting up the school.

It was lovely to take time to celebrate what we had achieved as a group in such a short time.

But even as we were celebrating we were wondering to ourselves how could this field be transformed into a school in 16 weeks!

The children were so excited about the progress on their school – reflecting our “child-centred” ethos their input was very valuable from the beginning.

All summer nervous parents peaked through the gates to check on the progress of the building

By the end of August we were all anxious to see if our building could possibly be complete in time for us to start the new school year.

But thanks to tremendous efforts of all concerned we did open in September 2002 at our present site with 214 pupils 20 staff.

Later that year we took time to celebrate the efforts of all those involved in making our school community what it is.

We held an international food night that reflected the rich cultural background of all those that are involved in our school.

We celebrated with our staff.

We celebrated with our parents.

We acknowledged the hard work of those parents that got together to set up the school.

But most of all we celebrated with our children – because they have a school that they are so proud of and contribute so much too.

One which Educates Together.