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Internet Safety

Reasons why internet safety for children is important:

Online Predators Or Bullies in Social Media
Children can be targeted by predators or might face bullying online (cyberbullying).

Inappropriate Content
Children may see or get access to inappropriate content, such as violent or graphic material, which could have a negative impact.

Dangerous Links and Pages
They may download something or click on links that lead to damage to the device (for example, phishing or downloading viruses, trojans, spyware and malware) and you may lose your personal or financial information.


Internet Safety Tips

  • Set standards/ rules about what they can & can’t do online. 
  • Use parental control software.
  • Talk to your child about safely browsing and using social networking sites.
  • Encourage them to share problems with you while browsing online.
  • Monitor their surfing habits.
  • Keep “Privacy” settings On.
  • Use a secure VPN connection.
  • Keep antivirus program up-to-date.

Safer Internet Day at Griffeen Valley ETNS

On Safer Internet Day the school highlights the awareness of proper and appropriate use of the internet for browsing and using social media. There have been many cases all across the country of schoolchildren being subjected to cyberbullying. 

While the school is not directly responsible for anything that happens outside of the school, we nevertheless educate our children about safer internet use as much as we can.

Throughout the course of the school year we explore the advantages and disadvantages of the internet, conveying guidance on the risks and hazards associated with social media in particular. However, as the school does not allow the use of personal social media in school, it is imperative that the children are given guidance in the home.

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Webwise is the Irish Internet Safety Awareness Centre which is co-funded by the Department of Education and Skills and is co-financed by the European Union’s Digital Europe programme.

They provide a range of resources, information and advice addressing internet safety and concerns.