Griffeen Valley Educate Together National School

Griffeen Valley ETNS   (01) 6219819   Roll no. 20166W

Green School Team

Griffeen Valley is a good friend to the environment. 

We always look for ways to create initiatives and improve our contribution towards making our locality and planet a better place to live in. Having a Green School Committee is important to us because our students drive the agenda through meeting to share and discuss ideas, putting plans into actions and encouraging the school community to do their part. 

The Green School Committee is comprised of democratically appointed representatives from each class who report back to their classmates about any developments and initiatives. In turn, the classmates raise issues of concern with their representative who bring these issues to the Committee. Over the years, we have achieved great things, including winning awards for our efforts.

Recently, the Committee have been hard at work implementing their ideas. They have been very industrious and productive putting their plans into action. 

Some achievements of late are:

  • Revitalizing and rejuvinating the school garden
  • Building a ‘Bug Hotel’ and ‘Beehomes’
  • Planting trees and creating a Tree Nursery
  • Planting / maintaining fruit, vegetable and flowers around the school grounds
  • Weeding, weeding and more weeding
  • Creating school-wide initiatives to reduce the use of blue paper towels and water
  • Introducing a ‘Bring Your Waste Home’ effort
  • Organizing school grounds clean-ups
  • Addressing and advising assemblies about different aspects of environmental friendliness 
  • Making posters and self-assessments to encourage the school community to be environmentally aware