Griffeen Valley Educate Together National School

Griffeen Valley Educate Together National School
Fiona’s Fourth Class: September/October 2023

During our first half-term of 4th class we have had so much fun! We spent time reconnecting with each other after the Summer break, playing lots of team building games & enjoying some STEAM activities.

We celebrated Roald Dahl Day by reading books & doing research with our Reading Buddies from Zoe’s first class.

We explored ancient Egyptian civilisation, including investigating the mummification process and constructing our own pyramids.

We learned about the various skills that make a good historian, for example thinking critically, being non-biased and checking multiple sources to ensure our information was correct.

We celebrated the end of this half-term by getting dressed up for Halloween & having a ‘Spookiest Pumpkin’ competition.

A big thank you to Matus for bringing in his Kiwano fruit from home. He grew it himself and we really enjoyed predicting what the inside might be like and having a good squish around when he opened it up for us!