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(Parent Teacher Association)

What is the PTA?

The parent association is the structure through which parents in a school can work together for the best possible education for their children. The parent association works with the principal, staff and the board of management to build effective partnership between the home and school. Partnership between the home and school is important because with positive and active partnership the child gets the best that primary education can offer.

For further information see the PTA section on the National parents council website

PTA Fundraising 2016-2017
€0 €5,364
PTA Fundraising Total 2017-2018
€0 €10,851

What does the PTA do?

The PTA organises various activities and fundraising events during the school year

 - Clothing collections 

 - Notice board

 - Funding for school resources such as garden planters/school team kits/class games

 - Coffee morning

 - New parents evening

 - Winter raffle

 - Sponsored walk 

 - Calendar and year book photos

 - Healthy eating week platters

 - Quiz nite

 - Volunteer for organisation of school led activities e.g. School Insurance Scheme, School Book Rental Scheme & Food fair.

Who is the PTA?

The PTA is run by a committee. The current members are:

Chairperson - TBC

Assistant Chairperson - TBC

Secretary - TBC

Treasurer - TBC

How is the PTA run?

The PTA is governed by a constitution. Click here to view constitution.

How do I get involved?

Without parent volunteers there would be no PTA. The PTA supports the school buy running activities and fundraisers throughout the year. Many improvements or updating of equipment would not happen without the efforts of the PTA. If you can help the PTA in anyway please contact us. One hours help here and there makes all the difference.


Annual Winter Raffle Prize Winners

PTA Constitution

PTA Meeting Agendas

(Minutes of PTA Meetings are available at the school office)



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